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Our Picks for Nashville's Nights

Sunday & Monday offer the best writers nights in the country. The Play It Again Jam @ JC Bullseye on Sunday.
The Bluebird Cafe, 12th & Porter.

Tuesday  a sit-in jam. That's always good anywhere. Wednesday it's B.B.Kings, dinner and usually some good horn bands.

Thursday shares The Wildhorse! with 3rd & Lindsley.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY we're in Music City, go to the Opry! unless there's a party, or, we're playing!


Send your play dates, party dates events date, etc. We'll post it!





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Please do not try and purchase songs from our website! Seems our money goes one place, and the music another. We'll be changing things around so you can get RatherBros songs free from here. We're just now realizing this has been an ongoing problem. Our most sincere apologies.


Search for Gorilla Baby. Nick and Billi have kicked up a little more dust!

RatherBros and all at welcome the arrival of the
Fans and Artists page. While the site continues to change and grow,
new music is available for your pleasure. TheAccentrix, Michelle Vanda,
Alex Final, Ethan James, How To Avoid Art, TheMix and Taddy Porter are
excellent acts to enjoy there. We'll be adding more very soon while we experiment implementing other websites widgets. Should be interesting.


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