30 Day Memory

1st verse

             I'm livin' risky, I'm drinkin' whiskey.you better think twice

       if you're feelin' frisky, been out 3 days and I ain't come down..

       Mama says, she ain't seen me around everybody thinks I'm so

       unstable, but she still sets my place at the table,still says                                                                            

       a prayer for me at dinner time,I wouldn't say I don't care, but,

       I'm doin' fine.                                                        

Chorus:  Leather skin, droopy eyes, stay all nite to see the sunrise.

       Cut mt hair , shave my face, as soon as I get someplace

       I'm gonna wash my boots, taste the rain, contemplate why life's

       life's this way. I'm burned-out on the same routine, driving off

       a memory.

2nd verse

       Been out 6 days and i'm goin' on 7, it don't matter to me

       where I'm gonna be beddin' I like to roll a bone and crush it too,

       try not to think much of what I'm wonna do

       So don't bring me down I'm gonna fly with just one more quart of

       Indian wine.    

       Saddlebags are full again, baby, I don't know when to say when.



3rd verse:

       Been 21 days, I ain't sleepy yet, can't wipe my nose, cause it's

       drippin' wet.Takin' the road baby on the go probably say ya'

       never gonna see me no more.  Like a piston fire, a rollin' stone,

       just another day I'm not comin' home,Damn that town,

       she don't know about the runners of the devil you fall upon.     


4th verse:

       Spent 30 days shakin' and bought a new start.

       Cleansed my soul, opened my heart.Thankful for the peace of mind,

        livin' like a stray cat didn't give me nine lives.

        I Asked forgiveness, forgave myself, that was  drivin' on a road

        that led stright to hell. I'm back alive at the "sweet old place"

        redeemed myself from that disgrace


        Leather skin, bright-white eyes. I wake up to see the sunrise.

        Fix my hair, shave my face, Man I sure feel good today

        I hung my boots, felt the rain, now I know why life's this way

        Not burned-out on the same routine, driving off a memory......

         A memory, driving off a memory.