1st verse

            I tried earnin' me a dollar with the sweat from my

            blue collar,

            seemed like eight days a week,

            So I spent all my money on a 4 wheel drivin' honey,

            we're drinkin' gasoline.

            Her tires are plain huge, mud-terrain is what I use

            those ain't bullet hole decals,

            We're crossin' the state line with good corn liquor

            wine and shine, nobody ever even knows how.


            no mirrors on the side, what's behind me don't matter,

            I'm makin' the deadline by two hours sometimes faster

            slingin' mud a quarter mile like a crazy 'madhatter',

             crawlin' thru the woods; Bootlegger

2nd verse

            Double stacked in rows, mason jars and styrofoam,

            tied down with some old hemp rope.

            I gotta creep real slow when she's dropped in

            granny low,

            I can't afford no bottles gettin' broke.

            Make the first stop for the Mayor and the cop,

            this ain't my first rodeo,

           There's a road-block up ahead but I'll deliver like I

            said,that explains them bullet holes.



           Leave out on the full moon,

           when the crawdads lay their eggs,

           we take the sweetest of the spirits,

           drain em' down, in a wooden keg.

           Put a tap on the side n' SLAP with a, wooden mallet,

           and the banjo begin to play a song.........