1st verse;

          It was a damn cold day when I rode away

          Remember I heard her say,

          "never be back here again, go on with yourself"

                  nothing you can do about it, don't want to talk about it

          damn cold day yea' but I got it I'll never forget

          now I'm on a train goin' someplace again

          another mile leaving me so far behind

          don't slow down, gotta make it on time,

          I need the patience to leave well enough alone


          well I'm rollin' out the station, gotta lay down my track

          it's a one way ticket that I bought

          and you know I'm not ever comin' back

          now it leaves out this way, but you know that's allright with me

          see you're turnin' circles like that loco, riding me

2nd verse;

          It was a damn cold nite when I threw that fight,

          you know I wasn't ever right,

          I never could lie just to spite this war on my hands

          nothing I could say about it, I'd still get blamed about it,

          never seen no way around it, no thing is grey.

          well that feelin' burned right thru me, yea,

          flood me with those 'bloodshot eyes'

          I bet she's still thinkin' of me,

          but I'm a poor excuse for bad company.




3rd verse:

          Am I the reason why she hates every man that she sees?

          I wear that Halo so, comfortably

          am I the reason why she's living for a compromise,

          a contradiction, living out a lie

          now we’re on a train, goin’ someplace again

          another mile leavin’ us far behind

          don’t slow down, I gotta make it on time

          we need the patience to leave, well enough alone