The Legacy

My Daddy was a simple man, he made a livin' off a' Tennessee land

 kept food on the table when the river'd run dry

crops bakin up on top of the hill, he'd hand-carry water up from the well

said,I'll do what I can, the Lord'll get us all by.

  He was stronger than Superman, Spiderman, he was better than the first Tarzan

He fought in the war a couple'a times, he had battle-scars and blind in one eye,

All of his teeth when he was 93, and before he died he could still whip me,

that kind of man, is a Legacy


I guess I was 10 or a little more, I knew we weren't rich but I knew we weren't


A man came up and said progress is comin on thru.

But Mama ruled by heart and a firm right hand, she opened the door and then

pointed for the man, please leave our house and No thank you.

  She was like a hero from a comic book, she could save the day

do whatever it took.

like Supergirl, or Batgirl, she was Wonder Woman in my Daddy's world

drive a flat-bed ford, or machinery, there was nothin else as pretty to see

and that kind of woman leaves, a Legacy


Now I'm on the same piece of land, the river is a creek and a lotta sand

there's food on the table, Lord helps us get by

every now and again I will, think I see Daddy walkin up that hill

he'll turn and say "son, you're doin just fine"

  He made me feel like the incredible Hulk or so it looked, or any other hero

from a comic book

Ironman, even Aquaman, with a little Ghost Rider but all Uncle Sam

a real G.I. but not a regular Joe, like Cisco kid, better than Zoro

and I'll pass it down, in my family, Legacy

  my kids are the Rangers, and I'm a bad man, I tried to let 'em have as much

fun as I had, not one regret or complaint from me, I'm as proud as a Dad can be

and with them three, I leave a Legacy,   oh, a Legacy.