Trailer Park Barbie

1st verse:

          Why don't they make me a trailer-park Barbie

          so I can be just like Ken

          never have to rent-to-own nothin'

          it's all free with cable, says "move on in"

          at the end of the culdesack, 'neath 2 big oak trees

          is a double-wide castle and pink, for a trailer park me.

2nd verse:

          I'd be like Midge to her sister Skipper

          just like hangin' out in Malibu

          keep all of her friends' beach towels clean

          at the above ground swimmin' pool.

          I'll make tea for all of her parties,

          and be a perfect gentlemen

          If a trailer-park Barbie would let me be her Ken.

chorus:  Now if you see her in that Jeep

          Want you tell her to find me

          twist'n'turn, blue rhapsody,A fashion-day exclusive, then you'll


3rd verse;

          Now Ken has been steady with Barbie,

          since way back in 1961,

          all of her stuff is in a series,

          their labels include pink, silver, gold and platinum

prelude;  5 sisters all together, Barbies' still my bet

          a lunchbox, superstar, rainbow and a pink corvette.

          and all I wanna do is give her what she can't get.

          I dream of trailer-park Barbie but she ain't

          hit the market yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plat that suave.....

          G.I.joe, you can't buy this limited edition,,,,,,,,,,,

          That's fashion to a redneck...