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Adam Rather
Vocalist, Guitars, Percussion Adam Rather, a native of '79 LEO, made a leap to entertain, with his first rendetion of Joan Jett's " I LOVE ROCK N ROLL ". From there he joined up with the ShowStoppers, a small act touring the South Eastern states singing and dancing to the tune of showbiz. From Disney World to Mardi Gras... carrying on Rather Bros. tradition. During his teenage years he became front man of local rock group "Fish Head" while studying percussion and girls in the marching band. They recorded their first demo @ reD House studios during summer vacation and made quiet a roar in the Mississippi Valley. On to other projects with his love of music led him to big band shows with the best talent around. Always doing his own thing and having creative talent as a songwriter leads him back to Rather Country to complete and carry on what is.... Rather Bros.


Billi Rather
Guitars, banjo, mandolin, dobro, bass, harmonica, etc, whatever,,,,His 1st real gig came from Mr. Taft at McGavock Elementary. " We played the Boy Scouts campout at Edgar Warner Park for over five hundred scouts.Wearing YELLOW pants, shirts and beach hats, white belts, black shoes,Thanks Mr. Taft. Red Baron was the hit. ONE of us was the 1st Beavis."He's been playing since diapers. Nick Sr. would hold his hand with pick and strum away for Nick Jr. to play his 'futuristic licks'. "I'm still playing and my sons wipe me out now" he says. I'm proud of my brother, and my sons for finally making effort to do our own music. They're so busy with life, it's hard for us to get together. Maybe with our own album, we'll pick up a following again, and do what we know best." As far as credits, Billi says, "I got to play with Chet Atkins, way cool." The Billi Kenner Nick Rather Band played for 10,000 + people. A 3 piece with local guitar-god Randy Russell. He says, jammin' with the Soul Searchers and Purple Haze,{shoulda' been purple hays} put him ahead of his own time. "Adam Principal and the Student Body was so much fun, a fax of the 60's man, horn players Mike Miller and Louie Nunally made it. Those were wild shows" "we're all percussionist, but special thanks to, Tony Rollins." All in all, it must have been practice for what now rules,,,,,,,,,, Rather Bros.



Nick Rather

Nick was signed up for lessons at age 15. After 30 minutes, the guitar teacher asked Nick Sr. could he bring him back to show him a few things. We could go on and on about his credits, but why? If you know Nick, you know he's the best. He's been in so many venues, and played with so many 'greats', we direct you to NickRather.com for all the glory. Although, his site fails to mention the numerous video clips he currently plays on YOU TUBE Leon Russell, J.J.Cale, and    The Playboys, and more. This year he’s bassed for Lou Christy and The Crystals both doing video shows with VH1. Cool, also, The Telethon every year he gigs free !

The Rather family has learned so much from him, it makes us all wonder if we would do this project without him. The most versatile musician any of us have ever known, is on board full steam for,,,,,,, The Rather Bros.,,,,,, stay tuned.


Taylor Rather

Taylor Rather is the keyboard specialist. Lessons from a Mississippi blues artist at 10 years old gave him ‘soul’. 3 years into it, he was playing contests, and winning! Like his teacher said two weeks after meeting him, “this boy is gonna reach the top”. He went electric at 13. This kid was talking computer talk when few knew the cyber-age even existed. He earned his gift of music. Always playing somewhere with somebody and delivering the goods. Fish-head was Taylors’ band, and you could hear it. Keyboards were the 80’s and 90’s, so he said “ok” to his Dad, and began playing 60’s soul tunes because he could really authenticate horns. What makes him so unique is the fact he actually plays saxophone, trumpet, and really well, the trombone. With all of his gear set up, he takes on the name of ,’ the 3 piece all white horn section’. Organ, piano, and horns done by one guy is a show folks! Not to take away from good ol’ southern fried chicken, but ‘dude cooks’. Knowing electronics, and computers as he does, mixed with some power and speakers, Taylor has a way of completing the Rather Bros. Without him, this show would stop. With him, this show is, unstoppable!